Medical & Clinical Intelligence for Health Organizations and Institutions

We provide objective, reliable, and up-to-date data to answer the research needs of private and public organizations

Advanced Information Processing Power Combined with a Personal Medical Researcher

Medint provides vital information to help make important medical decisions based on a patient’s individual medical profile.

Medint is an advanced technology platform designed to locate and analyze the most up-to-date clinical information relevant for a specific patient. Research is conducted for patients who have received a diagnosis and are seeking the best treatment options and information for their individual case.

Each patient is guided through the process by a personal medical researcher who explains complex information and reviews treatment options so that the patient, together with their medical team, can make the best medical decisions.

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What you get from Medint

Ongoing support from a personal medical researcher

Detailed report with treatment options for your specific case

Concise summary for your attending physician

Inquiries on your behalf to medical centers & clinical trials around the world

Research that starts immediately, with materials provided under tight deadlines

The Research Report

Detailed information, analysis, and treatment options individualized for each patient. Each report includes:

1. Introduction and baseline data

Research methodology, patient’s medical history, specific research questions and goals

2. Summary of research findings

Overview and explanation of main findings and relevant treatment options

3. Detailed research

Expanded, detailed clinical information related to main findings and treatment options

4. References and summary letter for attending physician

Sources and references, as well as a letter to your physician with a concise summary of findings and treatment options

Today, there is a vast amount of medical information available.

medical articles published each year
clinical trials around the world
clinical trials recruiting participants

Let Medint find the information that’s relevant for you.

How it works

Locating the appropriate medical information

Locating the appropriate medical informationYour personal medical researcher will identify and investigate the available existing information using advanced data science techniques to locate up-to-date medical information. Where appropriate, the researcher will contact relevant experts and medical centers around the world.

Phone call with your personal medical researcher

As soon as the process begins, you are assigned a personal medical researcher who will speak with you over the phone to define the research questions and goals. The researcher is available throughout the process, and you can provide them with additional information or see the status of the research at any time.

Detailed information analysis

Our research covers the vast world of medical knowledge, including scientific publications, medical databases, professional forums, social media, and more. Our researchers are experienced in analyzing and tailoring the data to each specific patient and the research process is overseen by a physician.

Comprehensive final report

You will receive a detailed analysis of the research results which includes a summary,  comprehensive review of the relevant material with references, and a letter to your physician. The report is accompanied by a detailed explanation by your personal medical researcher.


All the information you need to help you make decisions

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Your Coronavirus Intelligence Unit

Explore our special service for governments and medical teams

Limited for customers

Coronavirus Clinical Database

This database Includes the full clinical reports generated by our medical researchers at MedInt.

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