About Us

MEDINT – Medical Intelligence is the intelligence unit for the medical field.
Medint is an Israeli company that has been operating for a number of years in Israel and around the world, and specializes in accompanying patients – children and adults, that are facing complex, chronic, rare, or orphan diseases. Medint deploys an extensive community of professionals who are experts in the fields of science, medicine, biology, and intelligence to collect and analyze relevant medical information that can be valuable for an individual patient’s clinical team.
Medint has the ability to conduct informational research in health and medicine within a short timeframe, while accessing wide-ranging data from global sources. Medint’s network of researchers comes from the intelligence and medical sectors; they are multi-lingual, hold advanced degrees, and follow a set methodology that enables them to process a vast amount of information in a short time. The team includes physicians and medical researchers who have undergone extensive training in methodologies developed by Medint for guiding patients through the decision-making process and locating accurate, relevant clinical information from across the world. All our researchers have advanced degrees in medicine or biology, are medical students in advanced stages of their studies, or are physicians. The research process is overseen by physicians, and every report a client receives is reviewed by a physician. Our goal is to locate every piece of relevant medical information across the world for the benefit of the patients we accompany, to provide practical tools to help the families, patients, and organizations we assist make better, more informed decisions based on the latest data and information.

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Medint Team

Tanya Attias

Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Miriam Herman

Head Of Medical Research - Patients

Dr. Yotam Bronstein

Head Of Medical Research - Organizations

Itamar Ben Shitrit

Customer Relationship Management

Dr. Esther Tahover

Senior Researcher

Dr. Ruth Levinson

Senior Researcher

Noa Guzner

Lead Researcher

Sapir Glazer Levavi

Lead Researcher

Amit Hart

Lead Researcher

Advisory Board

Hava Bar-Shay Glass

Prof. Ori Rogowski

We get you the vital information you need to help make crucial medical decisions

“I was lonely with my syndrome, with more questions than answers. Now feeling not alone "

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