Eden Koren – case #3481874334

Conclusion   Research Inquiry #1 – What are the next treatment options for a 22 year old patient with severe Gastroparesis caused by diabetes type 1? G-POEM is a relatively safe procedure with promising results: 50% decrease in GCSI  in all categories and decrease in gastric emptying time. G-POEM is available at Shamir medical center […]

Tomi Teldan #3147068338

RCM Health Consultancy Pediatric Hypoxic brain trauma and Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment  |  13.09.22 Back to your profile View as PDF Research Inquiry  What are the benefits/relationship between hyperbaric oxygen & hypoxic brain trauma in pediatric patients?   Conclusion According to the findings of our research, there is a lack of data regarding hyperbaric treatment for Hypoxic brain […]

Hana Maor – Case #3184675760

About Our Services Research intelligence for medical teams Medical intelligence for organizations Personal medical research for patients with complex illnesses Testimonials Blog Press צרו קשר Hana Maor Case #3184675760 | 18.09.22 סיכום 1.הטיפולים הקיימים בשוק 1.1. כימותרפיה ואימונותרפיה כימותרפיה מבוססת פלטינום (קרבופלטין/ציספלטין) + פמטרקסד (“אלימטה”) + אימונותרפיה הוא ככל הנראה הטיפול המומלץ כקו ראשון. שרידות כללית של […]

Ester Vakshi – Case# 3117691542

MEDINT Report Ester Vakshi Case# 3117691542   |   31.08.22 View as PDF   תקציר המחקר Riluzole התרופה מאושרת על ידי ה-FDA לטיפול בחולי ALS ולא בחולי SCA3. שני מחקרים קליניים מבוקרים בדקו את היעילות של תרופה זו לטיפול בSCA3, הדגימו ירידה מובהקת במדדי האטקסיה במטופלים שקיבלו את התרופה, לעומת קבוצות הביקורת. בשל זמינותה של התרופה להתוויות […]

Avraham Koren – Case #3087414472

Patient Summary The patient is a 71-year-old male with the following medical background. Medical background Ischemic heart disease, asymptomatic. Status post coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) in 2009. Takes aspirin and bisoprolol. Last echo test (7/2022) demonstrated EF=50%, apical akinesia. Hypertension, treated with Amlodipine+valsartan. Asthma from an early age, treated with an SOS salbutamol inhaler. […]

Tal Schlesinger – 2948984886

Tal Schlesinger Patient Summary The patient is a 31-year-old female who was diagnosed in May 2021 with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma with metastasis in the liver and lungs, The diagnosis was made after suffering from lower abdominal pain,  Tests results: Imaging by the US (may 2021)) showed a mass at the right lobe of the liver.  CT […]

Yaron Zeevi – Case# 2858167250

Yaron Zeevi  Case# 2841581557   |  20.07.22 This report summarizes the main findings of our research. Our aim is to inform and enhance future decisions. In no circumstances, the information contained in this report or any information given in the process are intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. It is provided […]