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Sample report - 18.3.2020


Sample report - 19.3.2020

"The best defense humans have against pathogens is not isolation – it is information."

Coronavirus Global Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has marked approximately 2 million confirmed cases, with the death toll over 120,000 and growing.

Countries with well-established medical systems, such as the USA, Italy and UK have been suffering badly with the death toll rising by the hour.

In response, countries are adapting strict measures to stop the spread of the pandemic, suffocating their economies with immediate impact on unemployment and growth.

The coronavirus may very well be the costliest global pandemic ever.

Yet, we are not fighting blind;, there is an abundance of data and best practices from around the world that allows us to smartly respond, thus minimizing the pandemic’s impact on human lives and our economy. 

Coronavirus Response

Making a Difference with Data

Understanding the pressure in which decision-makers are under to protect lives and save their economy, Medint provides them with essential and timely information.

Utilizing a combination of profound medical knowledge and Israeli  intelligence gathering methods, Medint collects up-to-date frontline information regarding efforts, experiences and new breakthroughs from the global fight against the coronavirus, allowing for optimal decision-making and a speedy response.

We do so by deploying a wide network of researchers with, mastering intelligence gathering skills (many are ex- military intelligence) and medical expertise.

As we are  already working with several ministries of health and medical institutions, we know the information makes a difference!

Our clients

Medint’s Coronavirus Intelligence Unit

Our research team covers various aspects of the fight against the coronavirus, such as:

Data is collected from professional journals, media, designated doctor groups, international organizations, pharma companies, research labs, social networks, and direct contact with experts. 

Special Offering

Coronavirus special reports

For decision-makers and executives

We offer decision makers within governments, healthcare organizations and hospitals with a special Coronavirus bi-weekly intelligence report tailor-made to their needs – We will provide between 8-10 reports per month.

For doctors, clinicians and medical administrators

We offer health professionals dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic a special clinical reports covering the most recent updates from around the world on various medical disciplines, such as: Diagnostics, Hospital preparedness, Cardiology, gastroenterology, ICU/Anesthesiology, Gynecology, Hematology, ENT, Oncology, Pediatrics and more.

The reports are issued immediately when information is collected – We issue approximately 12 reports per month

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“I was lonely with my syndrome, with more questions than answers. Now feeling not alone "

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