MedFund: A Fund for Personalized Medical Support & Research for Patients in Need

MedInt, in partnership with Kav Lachayim, is proud to announce MedFund, a special fund dedicated to providing personalized medical support and assistance to critically ill patients in need.

Through MedFund patients will be able to receive MedInt’s personalized professional services, regardless of their personal financial situation or insurance coverage.

MedFund will be managed by Kav Lachayim, a leading nonprofit organization in Israel that provides assistance to people with complex disabilities and rare syndromes. Allocations from MedFund will be determined by an external committee composed of physicians, social workers, and other health professionals. Financial assistance will be provided on a case-by-case basis, based on a patient’s individual financial and health situation.

Patients interested in receiving financial assistance from MedFund are invited to

I-Ban: IL77-0125-3200-0000-0660-978



About Kav Lachayim

Established in 1989, Kav Lachayim is a social movement and organization whose goal is to provide assistance to people suffering from complex illnesses and rare syndromes. The organization relies upon thousands of volunteers a year who provide social and physical support to children living with illness or handicaps.  

About MedInt

MedInt provides vital information to patients to help them make important medical decisions, based on a person’s individual medical profile and situation. Through its advanced technology platform, MedInt is able to locate and analyze the most up-to-date clinical information relevant for a specific patient’s case.

How does it work?

Research is conducted for patients who have received a clinical diagnosis and are seeking the best treatment options and information for their individual case.

Each patient is guided through the research process by a personal medical researcher who explains complex information and reviews treatment options, so that the patient, together with their current medical team, can make the best medical decision for them.

Patients receive ongoing support from a dedicated medical researcher, including a detailed report with treatment options and inquiries made on their behalf to medical centers and clinical trials around the world, when relevant. Research starts immediately.

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Israel: +972-3-309-4421

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“I was lonely with my syndrome, with more questions than answers. Now feeling not alone "

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