Medical & Clinical Intelligence for Health Organizations and Institutions

We provide objective, reliable, and up-to-date data to answer the research needs of private and public organizations

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We find the medical information that’s critical for decision makers and medical staff

Medint is an Israeli company that’s been operating in the field of medical intelligence for several years. Medint has the ability to conduct intense informational research in the medical and health fields, on tight deadlines, while accessing a wide range of data sources across the world. We combine advanced AI research with personal outreach to gather all the relevant information available and turn into useful knowledge. Our team includes experienced researchers from the intelligence and medical fields, who are experts in the various languages and methodologies needed to process a tremendous amount of information in a short time.

Since February 2020 and the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, MedInt has been the sole provider of data to the Israel Ministry of Health. We’ve activated an extensive community of professionals, including specialists in science, medicine, biology, and intelligence, to collect and analyze relevant medical information that can be valuable in the national fight against the coronavirus. Our work includes the identification of conclusions and lessons to prevent another epidemic, best practices for dealing with new treatment challenges beyond COVID-19 wards, and how to deal with long term effects on the overall health system.

What will you get from Medint?

Data Reports

A concise report (3-4 pgs.) with answers to a specific question, including raw data

Updated Reports

Updated data on predefined topics

Customized Reports

Report on a specific strategic topic, over a set time period

Trends Reports

Strategic trends report, based on in-depth research

At the end of the process, you will get a detailed report on the information you requested to be investigated

Medint reports are based on informational research and include insights from what is happening globally, such as medical and regulatory information, innovative protocols, medical technologies and equipment, clinical information from research, new treatments and procedures, off-label treatments, specific clinicians’ experiences, and information “from the field” on the ways that hospitals and medical staff are dealing with challenges. 

The research report includes raw data collected from the field as needed, an executive summary, and suggestions for actions and expansion based on the information in the report. Information sources are cited. 

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