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This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”), details Medint Medical Intelligence Ltd. (“Medint”, “Company”, “We” “Our” or “Us”), information processing and storing practices regarding the Website, App and/or the Services. By providing information to Us in order to use the Website, App and/or the Services, the Customer (as defined below), expressly and voluntarily accepts the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. The Customer may also be referred to herein as “You” or “Your”. All capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined herein shall bear the meaning ascribed to them under Medint`s terms of use (“Terms”), which are incorporated herein by reference. If You object to Your information being processed or stored as detailed in this Privacy Policy, please do not use the Website, App and/or the Services. 

  1. Definitions

    1. “Authorized Person” means an authorized party or legal guardian of the Patient (as defined below), executing the Engagement Agreement (as defined below), to the extent the Patient is unable to do so.

    2. “Customer” means the customer contacting the Company for receiving Services (as defined below), through the Website and/or the App, and can be either the Patient, or anyone on Patient`s behalf who: (a) received Patient`s express consent to contact Us; or (b) is Patient`s Authorized Person.

    3. “Engagement Agreement” means the Company`s engagement agreement, executed by the Company and by the Patient (or by the Authorized Person, as the case may be), in order to receive the Company`s Services.

    4. “Report” means a summary of the research results and its appendices provided by the Company to the Patient.

    5. “Medical Information” means all the relevant medical records of the Patient, including information regarding the physical condition of the Patient, such as age, gender, diagnosis, illness stage, background illness, known allergies, and psychological treatment, required for purpose of providing the Patient with the Services, uploaded to the Website or App.

    6. “Patient” means the Person for which the Services are to be provided.

    7. “Researcher” means Company`s researcher designated to handle the Patient`s case.

    8. “Services” means the Report and any Additional Services. 

  2. Personal Information; Non-Personal Information

    1. By using the Website, App and/or the Services, You hereby agree and acknowledge that Medint and the Researcher, are entitled to receive and use the: (a) Customer`s details left by the Customer on the Website and/or App under the Call-Back Request (“Call-Back Details”); (b) Patient`s personal details appearing upon the Engagement Agreement  (“Patient Details”); (c) Customer`s payment details (“Payment Details”); and (d) Medical Information, for purpose of providing the Services. The Call-Back Details, Patient Details, Payment Details and Medical Information shall be jointly referred to herein as the “Personal Information”.

    2. We provide limited access to the Medical Information or to the Patient Details to the Researchers who need to know it in order to provide You the Services. Disclosure of the Medical Information and the Patient Details to the Researchers is subject to strict contractual confidentiality undertakings and limited to the duration of providing the Patient with the Services.

    3. The Personal Information provided by the Customer, by Patient and/or by the Authorized Person (as the case may be), to Medint or to the Researcher will not be transferred or disclosed to any third party, and will be stored by Medint, for the duration of the applicable statute of limitations period, under a separate highly secured  database (“Secured Database”). The Personal Information shall be deleted from the Secured Database and destroyed three (3) months following a lapse of the applicable statute of limitations period. Access to the Secured Database will only be granted to the Secured Database manager appointed by Medint for delineated purposes detailed in this Section ‎2.2 below. We will use the Personal Information only to the extent disclosure is necessary, in our opinion, in order to perform any of the following actions: (1) comply with legal process, including, without limitation, court orders and/or compulsory disclosures required by governmental authorities; (2) enforcement of the Agreement including resolving any disputes arising out of use in the Website, App and/or the Services; (3) responding to customer service inquiries.

    4. Medint may use the information, data and materials forming part of the research results, and the Report – after deleting from the Report all personal information or any data that might lead to the identity of the patient (“Research Data”), for purpose of performing various actions, and such Research Data will be stored by Medint, for a period determined at its sole discretion, under a database separate from the Secured Database (“Sandbox Database”). The Secured Database and the Sandbox Database shall be jointly referred to herein as the “Databases”.

    5. We may also collect general information about Your use of the Website, App and/or the Services in order to provide You with a better user experience, to improve the value and quality of the Website, App and/or the Services and to analyze how the Website, App and/or the Services are used. In the event You choose to share additional information in the framework of the Website, App and/or the Services, such as posting Comments on the Blog section, You do so at your sole discretion and sole responsibility. All the above information to be jointly referred to herein as the “General Information”. The Research Data and the General Information shall be jointly referred to herein as the “Non-Personal Information”. The Non-Personal Information and the Personal Information shall be jointly referred to herein as the “Information” 

  3. Communication

We may communicate with You through e-mail, telephone, video conference, chats, notices or through other means available on the Website and/or App. We reserve the right to retain Your correspondence with Medint`s customer service and to record phone calls to or from Medint`s customer service with You, for purpose of responding to Customer inquiries, improving Medint`s customer service and investigating potential fraud and breaches of the Agreement. We may use some or all of the Non-Personal Information You provide Us in order to perform statistical calculations and analysis.


We commit to process the Information, and store it under the Databases, in accordance    with the provisions of the Agreement, and in compliance with applicable Israeli law, including the provisions of the: (i) Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981; (ii) Protection of Privacy Regulations (Data Security), 5777-2017; and (iii) Patient`s Rights Law, 5756-1996. 

  5.Cookies; Internet-Related Information

To the extent You authorized the use in cookies, Our systems will recognize your browser, to track Website and/or App usage trends, to improve the quality of our services and to customize Your experience on the Website and/or App. Cookies are technological identification tools transferred to Your computer, mobile phone or other devices, by Us and/or by Our service providers, that allow us to recognize You when You return to the Website and/or App and/or when using the same computer and web browser. You can remove or block cookies using the settings in Your browser, but in some cases doing so might impact Your ability to enjoy certain services and/or features offered through the Website and/or App.

In addition, We may receive the IP address of Your computer or the server through which You are accessing the Website, operating system, web browser, ISP or mobile carrier and certain additional information. 

  6.International Transfer

We may transfer Your Non-Personal Information to other third parties across borders and from Your country or jurisdiction to other countries or jurisdictions around the world. If You are located in the U.S, European Union or other regions with laws governing privacy, data collection and use, please note that You are transferring Information to a country and jurisdiction that does not have the same privacy and data protection laws as Your jurisdiction.      You hereby expressly consent to the transfer of Information, and to the use and disclosure thereof as described herein.


We perform technical and organizational measures designed to secure Your Information, and specifically the Personal Information, from accidental loss and from unauthorized access, use, alteration or disclosure. However, due to the nature of the Internet, We cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never be able to overcome those measures.


We are entitled to change and update this Privacy Policy from time to time, at Our sole discretion, without having to provide notice thereof. You are solely responsible to become acquainted with such changes affected to these Terms.

Last updated on June 10, 2018

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