What is Success?

This morning, we received the sad news that Oren passed away. Oren was a man who courageously battled a serious disease for several years. He had been treated by some of Israel’s finest doctors and was constantly surrounded by supporting family and friends. Oren was the inspiration for MedInt. He was the first patient and the reason why we are on this path.

Heart-broken by the news, many thoughts have crossed our minds. Thoughts about Oren and his family. Thoughts about what could have been done differently in his case, and finally, reflections about what constitutes success.

We knew from the beginning that we were taking up a difficult challenge: patients who suffer from serious illnesses, some of whom, like Oren, have life-threatening conditions. Success is not guaranteed. Not by doctors nor by anyone else. In professional medical lingo, it would be “survival rate”. A simple, statistical way of explaining to patients their chances for overcoming an illness, or not.

But our mindset is different. We appreciate statistics as a scientific source for making a more informed decision. But we don’t rely on statistics when it comes to our attitude towards helping a patient, even if they are suffering from a very serious medical condition. For us, the motto has been from the very first day – every patient is at the center and requires our full attention. That is why we assign a personal health researcher to each case, and that is the reason we emphasize the need to find unique data that is relevant for each patient to address their medical situation exclusively.

So what is our view of success?

Success is the ability to bring our patients reliable, accurate, up-to-date data that can impact their decision-making process. In other words, we want to be able to objectively put in front of the patient the available options so a better decision can be reached. We want to support such data through existing science and best practices. On occasion, we can point to specific doctors who have the experience, skills and methods to provide suitable treatments. For some patients, we can provide details of similar patients who have successfully been treated and the methods that were used.

A more knowledgeable, informed patient is an empowered patient. And while this doesn’t guarantee complete healing, it’s certainly an essential step towards dealing with an illness in an empowered way.

Today, while we are so saddened by the loss of Oren, we are also honored that his case triggered us to empower many other patients in their own paths of healing.

“I was lonely with my syndrome, with more questions than answers. Now feeling not alone "

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